DMway Analytics, a leading provider of machine learning automation platforms, announced it is offering its predictive analytics and automated ML platform to health departments worldwide. In the USA this includes all state-level authorities and the equivalent.

The DMway Auto-ML platform is developed by leading scientists in the field of auto-machine learning and data science, and can transform non-scientists (analysts, BI and data experts) into capable, insightful “DIY data scientists.” In practical terms, this means that the analysis of Covid-19 data that can currently be carried out by very few people, can now be carried out by many.

We are weaponizing Data Science automation to fight back against the virus.

Machine learning and predictive analytics are going to be key in winning the Covid-19 battle. That much is clear. Analyzing data is essential in being able to understand the spread and treatment effectiveness. The world needs many more people analyzing the data. The insight from global information on the spread of the virus and its behavior will be key in minimizing the damage. The ability to empower thousands of DIY data scientists could potentially revolutionize the speed at which we can react to data as it is made available.

Gil Nizri, DMway Analytics CEO, said: “The time is right for technology leaders to donate as much as they can to help the world in confronting this invisible and brutal enemy. We have invested millions of dollars in our tool, but free access at this critical time is essential. Machine learning will be a key tool in dealing with Covid-19. We cannot see the use of machine learning restricted to a few individuals with access and knowledge of machine learning tools. We hope the DMway tool will be used to empower thousands of relevant people to analyze coronavirus-related data. It is simple to learn, and we will train up to 100 people at a time via video link from our HQ here in Israel.”

Nizri added, “Our machine learning for Covid-19 course has been especially carted this past two weeks and adjusted to biologists, epidemic analysts and healthcare data experts. Covid-19 is the enemy. Let us fight this together. A global team against this killer.”