Pelephone is a mobile network operator in Israel, and the first company to offer mobile telephony services in the country.

Today, Pelephone has more than 2.5 million subscribers and offers a suite of cellular devices, accessories and smartphone plans.

Upselling Pelephone customers on devices and accessories is an important revenue stream for the company, and Pelephone employs a team of customer representatives tasked with just that.

“Our representatives were given were asked to sell existing customers new Pelephone devices,” explained Orna Shalev, Pelephone’s business analyst team leader. “Their success rate was about 1.5 percent.”

Shalev decided to engage DMway in a pilot. DMway is an artificial intelligence-based, machine learning-powered predictive analytics solution.

“We built a panel of our customer data, including things like purchasing habits, cellular phone insurance policies, operating systems and usage level,” Shalev explained. “We used this panel to create a DMway linear model that allowed us to grade each customer for his or her likelihood to purchase a device. Then, we gave our representatives the customers they should call based on this model.”

The results: The purchase rate increase to about 3.5 percent in the first month and now it is closer to 5 percent. That’s an increase of 300 percent and a total of 2,000 additional sales – some sales were of more than one device.

“The success rate was amazing,” said Shalev. “The folks in marketing and sales really liked it.”

Pelephone purchased DMway and now plans to use the tool to solve multiple challenges, such as improving its collections and customer services processes.

Shalev said the DMway methodology is user-friendly enough that she and her team can use it on their own. However, a benefit of working with DMway is that there is personal attention afforded to every client. Pelephone has worked closely with DMway’s chief technology officer to continuously improve its current model and to consult about future models.

Added Shalev, “DMway is very, very good.”