Hospitals are meant to treat patients. But for that to happen, the patients need to attend their scheduled appointments.

“No-shows” cause frustration and waste time, but they also cost the attending physician and the hospital money.

A recent study found that no-shows cost the U.S. healthcare system around $150 billion per year and between $200 and thousands of dollars per visit.

If a hospital could predict no-shows, it could prepare for the situation and proactively respond – before it comes up short. Predicting no-shows saves time and money and allows hospitals to perform more efficiently.

DMway recently partnered with the business intelligence department of an area hospital to build an automated, machine-learning platform within three weeks. It worked! And the hospital is now saving time and money.

“Everyone agrees that AI is the future, yet few are really using it,’ said Gil Nizri, DMway CEO. “DMway can help any hospital harness the power of its analytics team – no, not the data scientists – to boost monetization.”