DMway’s flexible and scalable platform allows clients from a
wide variety of areas to take advantage of our tool.
From banks to media to academia – here are some ideas of how DMway can help you.

Stop fraud on the first transaction.

Our solution can help your company get deeper insights into how and where fraudulent transactions originate, and analyze changing fraud patterns, to enhance your fraud detection strategies and adapt faster to new types of attacks. And it’s approachable for non-experts.

  • Identify fraud patters and trends more precisely.
  • Detect fraud earlier to minimize damage.
  • Analyze a wide variety and a high volume of data fast.

Leverage the prescriptive power of your data to create more effective marketing.

If you are interested in leveraging the power of your customer data to enhance strategy, make better decisions and drive more revenue out of your marketing campaigns, then you need DMway. Predictive analytics will revolutionize the way you market and how quickly you move prospects along the buyer’s journey to customers.

  • Get an all-around picture of your customers, predicting what they want, need, and what they’re likely to do next.
  • Define what attributes turn a prospect into a customer and focus on leads that have a higher likelihood to convert.
  • Create more impactful marketing campaigns.
  • Reduce churn and optimize loyalty.

Better understand future threats and opportunities.

Predictive analytics can help insurers appraise better and control risk in underwriting, pricing, rating and claims. And by studying the behavioral tendencies of your previous and current customers, you can learn what products those people might be inclined to buy and how best to reach them.

  • Distinguish between similar risks.
  • Understand customers and sales patterns.
  • Determine who is most likely to make a claim.

Proactively manage your loan portfolio.

Every loan officer wants the same thing, to reduce risk and get paid for the risks he or she is taking. Predictive analytics is the solution.

  • Monitor the risk profile of your client portfolio in real time.
  • Rank customers according to their likelihood to pay or default on a loan.
  • Customize loan products.
  • Increase retention.
  • Analyze net interest margins.
  • Tailor lending policies to dynamically changing market conditions.

Make better, faster, more effective decisions.

Offer personalized services or products at every step of the purchasing process. DMway allows telcom businesses to tailor their messaging to appear on the right channels, in the right areas and in the right words and images.

A crystal clear window

Predictive analytics can help utilities navigate the ever-shifting landscape, take advantage of new opportunities arising from these developments, and manage challenges as they arise.

  • Drop cost to serve.
  • Deliver personalized, real-time energy savings advice to your customers.
  • Design a smart customer engagement program.

Take the first step toward utilizing
the true power of predictive analytics