NewLogo_Mimun_english“The DMWAY system has enabled us, within a very short period of time, to significantly increase the number of predictive models created, improve their level of accuracy and respond to the company`s dynamic needs at peak times.”

Sharon Ben-Ezra, VP Economics at Direct Finance

fido2“As the CRO, I’m in charge of all data related work and require an automated predicative analytics solution that can be deployed fast, delivering reliable results.

DMWay’s predictive modeling solution is most powerful and it’s simplicity made its deployment happen in a matter of hours!

I’m now able to run complete data risk models in concurrent sessions, achieving maximum outcome with long-term quality

Reuven Palatnik, CRO (Chief Risk Officer)

Cable TV & Telco “The DMWAY solution was tested vs our current cloud based predictive analytics model and achieved better results. We chose to work with DMWAY due to 3 main factors, the simplicity, the accuracy and the fact that you can easily deploy the Code behind the model in our enterprise ETL tool”

BI & Data Dept. Manager

Our Solutions

Predictive analytics is a powerful business differentiator.

DMWay offers a revolutionary solution for companies across all industries and enables companies of all sizes to use the predictive analytics automation system in order to give their business a competitive advantage. Whether a small business or enterprise level company, instant deployment of predictive analytics models can help any company understand their audience, foresee predictions and act accordingly in a way that reduces churn, increases revenue and overall profit.
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Predictive analytics help transform automatic decisions which companies frequently make, such as predicting what is the next best offer to provide clients, what banner or promotion will likely drive revenue from a specific visitor, what type of customer each marketing and sales activity targets and more.
Through the integration of advanced predictive actions, companies are able to create highly accurate models that can be deployed quickly and without involvement of additional teams. In doing so, companies are able to better understand client needs, thereby increasing upsell and overall revenue generation.

At DMWay, we believe that predictive models should become a feature within every facet of an organization.

We work with finance, e-commerce, communication, digital advertising and many more industries to provide groundbreaking predictive analytics models that work.

Discover the difference DMWay can make in your business.



Financial service companies that integrate predictive analytics models into their business culture are more profitable.

DMWay works with financial institutions to identify better what their customer needs are, how to optimize new product launches and how to harness customer-behavior in order to boost performance.

Whether assessing credit defaults, targeting customer behavior, churn or predicting the potential for fraudulent activities, the DMWay solution can help reduce wasted time and improve efficiency for businesses operating in the financial realm.



Ecommerce is a rapidly changing industry that is inundated with information and data compiled over years.

Understanding consumer behavior and targeting your visitor and customer accordingly can make or break it for ecommerce companies.

DMWay’s automated predictive analytics system helps companies gain in-depth understanding of their target audience and adapt marketing campaigns quickly in order to ensure maximum effectiveness. In doing so, companies are able to see improved ROI, reduced churn and higher
revenue generation.

The DMWay solution for Ecommerce businesses is able to predict the customer lifetime value while establishing constantly adapting models based on customer behavior, such as shopping cart abandonment, purchases, responsiveness to promotions and more.



Communication is one of the most competitive and data-heavy industries that experience exceptionally high churn rates, resulting from the constantly adapting needs of the consumers.

DMWay is able to help companies that are in the communication industry by providing a data solution that can help them understand their customer’s needs, anticipate future wants and use that data to make real time and fully automated predictive-based decisions for meeting customer demands. In doing so, companies are able to reduce overall churn rates as well as increase customer loyalty and overall revenue generation – all in just a few simple clicks with DMWay.

DMWay is able to provide a simple solution for communication businesses, simplifying the way process models are created in and quickening the pace of model integration. By constantly staying up to date on the information and having models that incorporate the latest available data, communication companies are able to enjoy advanced predictive analytics instantly!




Digital advertising is one of the most rapidly changing industries with an overall market value that has seen an exponential increase in recent years.

Make faster conclusions/recommendations based on fact-based models, greatly increasing the chances of outperforming competitors.

Digital advertisers constantly seek new ways to convert users to leads and leads to consumers by relying on click rate information. With the DMWay’s predictive analytics solution, the digital advertising world can improve conversions through an in-depth analysis of the consumer’s persona and profile.

By determining the target audience and integrating models that pinpoint customer segmentation, digital advertisers using the DMWay solution are able to reduce the cost of acquisition of a customer, increase overall revenue generated from the customer and experience higher ROI’s and conversions.

Digital Advertising is all about having better models in an ever changing environment. DMWay scales up the analytic process by using the DMWay analytic engine through Remote API, producing high quality models and deploying them in near real time environment dozens of times a day.



The DMWay solution is optimal for companies operating in the utilities industry, such as power plants, windmill factories and more, that seek to understand usage and better predict customer demand of their output.

The DMWay predictive analytics solution provides utilities experts with key predictive insight regarding customer needs, ensuring they are always prepared. By foreseeing usage spikes, companies are able to plan ahead rather than rely on in-the-moment solutions, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced costs associated with meeting increased demands.

The DMWay solution is able to change as often as companies need it, making it a perfect solution for companies that cannot rely on outdated information to make critical business decisions.

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