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Software as a Service, often known as SaaS, or on-demand software, is a software delivery model in which the software and the associated data are centrally located on the Cloud. The software service is accessed by the user via a web browser. SaaS frees the user from the need to build and maintain enterprise software thus relieving the user from the high setup cost usually involved in setting up and testing enterprise software. Pricing of SaaS applications is typically based on some usage parameters such as number of users using the applications, charge per transaction, event or other unit of value, and others.

DMWay is joining the many ISV’s and ASP’s in providing its services through the cloud. We conceive of several versions for applying the SaaS platform – uploading the Scoring Engine to the cloud and conducting the scoring process online with the Analytic Engine running in the background on the DMWay server and the database on the customer’s server, or maintaining only the Scoring Engine and the database on the cloud and the Analytics Engine on DMWay server, or running everything on the cloud, or any other combination. In either way, this makes the Predictive Analytics process completely transparent to the end user, who doesn’t have to worry about running and managing models or understanding the complex algorithms behind the models. All the user needs to do is to access the web and extract the relevant modeling results. Cost wise, the expenses of running Predictive Analytics will be much reduced as the user will pay only for the services that they consumes.


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