DMWay is an horizontal solution for Automated Predictive Analytics. We help to solve the today’s challenges business analysts face.

Regardless of your organization industry or activity, if you are data-ready and you want to improve your business/project/department performance – we can help.
In case you need help in getting to ‘data-ready’ state we can also help, see our professional services.

Our Predictive Analytics products are automated, easy to use and are tailored for the average analyst in the organization.


DMWay products can be used as a stand-alone desktop system assisting the data scientists to build models, integrated in the operational platforms of organizations or offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) on the cloud. With DMWay technology, new models can be built from scratch within a few hours and then translated into DMWay scoring engine that allows deploying the modeling results in real time.  The modeling process can be repeated as many times as required, with almost no human intervention, making our technology highly scalable. Advanced interfaces and API’s make the technology accessible to almost any organization.


We are constantly working to upgrade our offered solutions and products. We are here for your needs, Contact Us for a live demo.

You can use DMWay products in a variety of applications in any industry, examples:

  • Churn Reduction
  • Improve Customers Engagement
  • Improve New Customers Acquisition
  • Improve Customer Life Time Value
  • Improve Activity Effectiveness
  • Improve Quality of Service

And many more…


DMWay Solutions can be deployed in various environments:


DMWay - Stand aloneStandaloneDMWay - IntegratedIntegrated (API)         DMWay - SaaS Cloud Cloud






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