Push-Button Predictive Analytics for Credit Risk Modeling
Predictive Analytics Has Never Been Easier, With DMWay’s Self-Service Automation!
  • Boost Your Accuracy, Shorter & Faster Credit Risk Modeling Cycles
  • Receive Full Documentation Of Your Modeling Process (White-Box Solution)
  • Control the Analytic Process to Meet Your Specific Data Needs
  • Predict Loan Default Risk Levels Identify Outcomes, Behavior & Fraud
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DMWay is your predictive analytics solution, an easy-to-use analytics platform for automated machine learning

Credit risk management is important to financial institutions who provide loans to businesses and individuals for predicting customer behavioral habits, and is gaining in popularity as the most essential business differentiator these days. Predictive analytics is the next step up in data reduction, utilizing a variety of statistical, modeling, data mining, and machine learning techniques to study recent and historical data, thereby allowing analysts to make predictions about the future. DMWay transforms the way predictive analytics is perceived by giving everyone the ability to build better predictive models in hours; accessible and affordable for all.