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DMWay offers businesses an end-to-end solution that automates the analytic process and makes predictive analytics accessible and affordable for all.

Our analytics engine has been tested against expert data scientists time and again, and has proven to outperform most human counterparts. Despite being a predictive analytics solution, you do not have to be a data expert to use the DMWay system in order to build excellent models. Use your knowledge and pair it with our data solution to build predictive models quickly and accurately.

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Just because you don’t have to be a data scientist to use our solution, doesn’t mean data scientists can’t love DMWay as well. The DMWay solution is used by experienced data scientists for a number of data crunching processes, helping data scientists achieve quick and accurate results instantly! Using the DMWay solution advance methods for the analytic process can be faster and scalable thanks to the ability to embed the analytic process within other products or data workflow solutions. We help to make supercharged data scientists!

The DMWay solution is an “white box” that allows users to obtain insight from the analytic process or to track every step of the modeling process. Over time, the insights from predictive modeling results can indicate what features are more important than others and provide guidelines on what type of features can be created in order to improve the model. To ensure maximum control and usability, we parametrized and provide control over the entire process, allowing experts and non-experienced alike to fine tune predictive models in order to achieve better results.

Our cutting edge data solution is integrated throughout our products – the Analytics Engine and the Scoring Engine.

Domain Expert

Empower your expertise with instant results for emerging trends, risk factors, outcomes and more thanks to DMWay.


Business Analysts

Our simple tool for your complex needs ensures all the information you need about the trends you observe is always your disposal – no data scientist needed.


Data Scientists

Imagine having an expert team on hand that automates model development and gives you more control of your information and modeling capabilities.



DMWay is here to help you make smarter decisions in real time based on expert predictive analytics you can frequently adapt to suit your growing business


Analytic Engine

The DMWay Analytics Engine is the most robust solution available that provides the highest level of modeling.

The Analytic engine has been designed to model the steps taken by experienced data scientists in order to build accurate and effective analytics model.

This innovative solution is made possible by using an expert system approach, rather than a “robotic” approach, to build models that mimic the way that an experienced data scientist goes about when building large-scale predictive models.

Looking at the model creation process from the business user’s perspectives, we built our process to meet the following characteristics:

  • Meaningful models that can be validated and provide insight to domain experts
  • Optimizing the algorithms (e.g., linear regression) behind the modeling process to cope with a multitude of attributes
  • On-demand solution
  • Single and multi-core options to scale up the analytic process and increase speed
  • Rich set of tools for easy deployment in various environments by generating the model scoring code in R, Java and SQL or use our scoring engine for easy integration.
  • Easy integration of our analytic engine within other systems using our REST API allowing scaling up the analytic process.
  • Leverage the work of the data scientist by doing the heavy lifting faster
  • Can be used by any user with a proper business domain expertise and the data skills.
  • One does not have to be an expert data scientist to use the DMWay solution.

The bottom line is a holistic approach to the predictive analytics process that is based on decades of experience in this area.

Scoring Engine

The DMWay scoring engine is the tool recommended for businesses seeking assistance in the deployment of the predictive analytics results provided by the Analytics Engine. The DMWay Scoring Engine is able to drastically reduce the amount of time needed to integrate the results.

By and large, integration of predictive analytics models requires the collaboration of R&D teams with IT professions, QA teams and more.

Instead of waiting for the IT team to find the time, manpower and skills to integrate the model formula, the Scoring Engine is able to do it all in just one click!

The scoring engine manages the model update and eliminates the need to incorporate scoring code within operational system every time the model changes.

By giving the data scientists the ability to activate the scoring process instantly and without involving external IT help, companies are able to save time and ensure the models deployed are the most current ones.

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