Ituran Brazil Selects DMWay As ML Solution for Generating Actionable Insights and Value from their IoT-Based Big Data

ITURAN BRAZIL, a leading provider of location-based services, including for tracking and recovering stolen vehicle, selected DMWay Analytics’ automated machine-learning platform for generating actionable insights and value from their IoT based big data.

DMWay, a leading innovator of predictive analytics solutions, analytics platform was selected by Ituran Brazil CFO Udi Mizrachi and his team of international business analysts. DMWay will serve as the group’s solution for automated predictive analytics and machine learning.

“Innovative Technology is a way of life for our cooperation,” says Mizrachi. “We selected DMWay as our platform because of its fast deployment capabilities, ease of use and ability to create the highest quality predictive analytics models.”

Gil Nizri, DMWay CEO, said that he is proud of this Ituran Brazil selection.

“Our solution enables organization to open a window to the future and to gain a meaningful competitive advantage,” said Nizri. “The IoT sphere is complex and most organizations are still investing most of their time and resources on collecting and governing data. Our solution is the fast track for monetizing this IoT data.”

About Ituran Brazil

Ituran Brazil provides location-based services, consisting primarily of stolen vehicle recovery and tracking services, as well as wireless communications products used in connection with its location-based services and various other applications. Ituran offers mobile asset location, stolen vehicle recovery, and management & control services for vehicles, cargo and personal security. Ituran-Brazil’s subscriber base has been growing significantly since the company’s inception, reaching more than 400,000 subscribers in Brazil. Ituran was established in 2,000 and has approximately 650 employees.

About DMWay Analytics

DMWay Analytics is disrupting the data science world by providing an autonomous predictive analytics solution. The AI-based and ML-powered solution enables every subject matter expert (non-scientist) to build his or her own predictive models within hours to days, versus the traditional development time of months to produce the models. The DMWay Analytics platform is versatile and adaptive to all industries.
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