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The Black Sheep of Data Science

My data scientist colleagues all get excited about the science of the analytical process. The goal is competing – sometimes with themselves! – to achieve the best model they can get. The process looks like this: Gather the best data set one can get that best fit the business problem. Often, this involves merging dozens of pre-existing data sets, making the process take weeks … if not months and, in some cases, years. Use this data to create the first model. But my data scientist friends are never satisfied. Instead, they are constantly trying to improve the model using machine learning algorithms that no business person understands.

Modeling your Business Question

Usually when you talk to people about data, first thing that comes up is the size, and not all the people that I talk to are males. The amount of data is important, but the key for any data analytics project starts by asking the right questions, a stage that [...]

Customer Life Time Value

You are considering launching a campaign to acquire new customers through the web. How much are you willing to invest in acquiring a customer? You suspect that a given customer is about to defect and switch to a competitor. Would you try to keep this customer or let her go? [...]

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