Meet the practical solution that allows anyone in the organization
to create valuable predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms,
without the complexity of data science.

Are you doing the right thing with your data?

Are you hoarding it?

Many companies mistakenly assume that collecting big data creates value. Sadly, it isn’t so. It is not about the size of your data, it’s how you use it. Algorithms created by big data are where the real value lays, algorithms define action.

Are you focusing on science or practice?

In today’s fast-changing world, data science takes too long. It’s complexity and high cost makes it scarce, and beyond the reach of most managers. It’s time for the value to spread throughout the organization, and be available for all!

“Data is inherently dumb. Algorithms are where the real value lies.
Algorithms define action.”

Peter Sondergaard, Senior Vice President, Gartner Research

What if getting insights and building predictive
algorithms could be done in few clicks?

Changing the corporate paradigm

DMway hands the power to create predictive analytics to non-scientists. By automating complicated processes, it allows an ever-increasing number of departments and individuals to participate in direct value creation.

How it’s done

1. Upload your data file.
2. Set the preferred target.
3. Go!

Those 3 clicks set the platform into motion, performing millions of complex statistical calculations, emulating the work of a human data scientist. Your algorithmic model will be ready for deployment by the time you return from your coffee break.

“We democratize the value of predictive analytics, turning it into
an accessible commodity for every department in any company.”

Gil Nizri, CEO, DMway

Instant expertise

DMway takes all the heavy lifting of advanced statistics and algorithmic equations away from the user. That’s why it only takes minutes to learn and days to master.

A few examples of the quick wins you can achieve with DMway:

DMway captures the experience and best practices of a team of veteran data scientists and mathematicians, delivering their collective wisdom to you with every model.

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Reactions to trying DMway

“An ultra-simple but sophisticated approach targeting non-data scientists.”
– William Vorhies, Data Science Central

“A 90% time savings over previous methods!”
– Vice president of economy, major lending company

“DMway’s tool enabled us to understand our company’s churn for the first time – our choice is DMway rather than ‘science way.”
– CMO, top-tier telecom

Summary of main benefits


Leverage growth, impact your business’ bottom line


Get value and insights almost immediately after data preparation


No need for previous experience in prediction, data science or machine learning


DMway pricing makes predictive analytics affordable to companies and departments of all sizes

Take the first step toward utilizing
the true power of predictive analytics