Domain Experts

Predictive analytics is a nature habitat for every business expert. It is augmenting his most valuable domain knowledge about the past and present business behavior with the predictive dimension.This allows the most holistic insight on every business occurrence within his domain or department.

We believe that daily and massive leverage of the power of predictive analytics will eventually distinguish between leaders and other business experts.

Data Scientists

Data Scientists interested in having enhanced abilities to control modeling and ensure timely integration love the DMWay solution specifically because of the advanced “white box” approach it was developed with. With the DMWay Analytics Engine, structure, design and model implementation abilities are completely open and at your control, ensuring that you will be able to integrate your own knowledge with the advanced DMWay technology in order to yield a powerful and accurate models that can be integrated quicker than you ever thought possible. Speed up and scale the analytic process by having an automated predictive analytic solution on board.

Business Analysts

If you have a good understanding of your business and your data—then you have everything you need to start doing advanced predictive analytics with DMWay! DMWay provides you with advanced method skills to move into data science, delivering you predictive models, insights, business knowledge and expert data solutions. You can deliver predictive models to your business data driven decisions in hours, days, instead of months, using our cutting-edge automation. Whether you’re a beginner or big data expert, predictive analytics is now available to everyone for generating models that hold years of “data science” experience in it.


Are you a busy executive trying to increase revenue and reduce churn while always staying one step ahead of your competition? The DMWay solution is your optimizable solution for executives with a passion to insight discovery. The DMWay solution offers businesses a competitive advantage through simple predictive analytics that can be integrated in hours, days, rather than months. With DMWay, companies can:

  • Reduce Churn Rates
  • Improve Customer Engagement
  • Improve New Customer Acquisition
  • Improve Customer Lifetime Value
  • Improve Activity Effectiveness
  • Improve Quality of Service
  • And much more!

Leverage the value of your data and your current domain experts, by having a scalable and affordable data science solution.

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