Gil Nizri


Gil Nizri, CEO

As CEO, Gil leads the strategic direction and the overall corporate management of DMWay. Leveraging Gil’s prior success and leadership as Corporate Vice President of Business Development for Ness Technologies where he had responsibility for building the Big-Data and Analytics global domain and GO-TO-MARKET, including Marketing and developing partnership relationships. Prior to Ness Technologies, Gil led Panorama Software’s corporate directions and strategy and the successful execution for sales in the EMEA and APAC regions helping Panorama to exceed its revenue targets for 6 consecutive years. During this period Gil also led the global Ecosystem.

Professor Jacob Zahavi


Professor Jacob Zahavi, CAO

Jacob has been engaged for two decades in data mining covering four fronts –research, modeling, applications and teaching. His practical experience include numerous data mining projects in a variety of industries. He is also the two-time winner of the Gold Medal Award in the KDD CUP tool competition. Jacob joined DMWay after serving many years in the academia and is currently professor emeritus in the faculty of management at Tel Aviv University


Ronen Meiri


Dr. Ronen Meiri (PhD), CTO

With more than 10 years of experience in data mining, developing algorithms & models for marketing, behavioral targeting, mobile, fraud and more, Ronen is DMWay data technology guru. With vast experience in various data mining and predictive analytics business aspects Ronen is in charge for DMWay breakthrough predictive analytics platform. Add to that Ronen loves riding on his extreme bikes just for fun


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